Sewing and design is one of those things that seems to have always been in my life.  At the age of seven I would make my friends lie down on fabric, trace around them with markers, then sew tank tops and skirts.  I should have known then, to run as hard as I could towards design. However, instead I spent 15 years in corporate America, ending up with a Bachelors in Marketing. Additionally, “for fun”, I spent my off hours building a small business with a presence in 11 countries,  with 5 international distributors. The business received national and international press and products in over 350 brick-and-mortar stores across the US and Canada.  

Moving to Nashville brought not only a change of scenery but a quieter pace.  I left my business in capable hands and with more down-time I immediately found myself gravitating back to what I love: being able to spend more time sewing and designing for my family.  I am always learning and love to teach!  I teach sewing here in the Nashville area and I am currently pursuing my Masters in Design and Pattern Development.

As the new owner of Eunoia Design Group, formally Karrington Paige Designs, I’m excited to bring my two passions together and to be able to do that, with this amazing team, is an added blessing!   

  My great aunt taught me how to hand stitch quilts and cross stitch when I was about 8-10yrs old. That’s where all the creative love began. She fed my creative need and was strict to teach me the right way to do things. Fast forward many years later, after I had my son in 2013, I Started a small business making memory animals and quilts. A year later I was pregnant with my second, a girl! I always dreamed of having a little girl and dressing her in vintage clothes. The 80’s was a terrible time to be a girl. Looking back I cringe at photos and how my mom would dress my sister and I. That would NOT be my girl! So around this time I started to really branch out in my sewing and pattern drafting. I never knew indie pattern companies existed prior to this. I always thought I’d have to go buy paper patterns or draft the vintage styles I wanted. My mind was BLOWN!! However, I quickly found out that most pattern companies were poorly drafted or ran small/big so I went back to my original plan and started creating on my own. In times of need I would buy a pattern and modify it to work. I then began pattern testing. I believed that if I tested these patterns I’d be able to change the indie pattern world and make it a better place with my critiques. That never really happened until now! I’m so excited to be here working with such amazing talent. Between the other designers on staff and our testers I’m inspired on a daily basis to create something beautiful. That is what Eunoia is all about! I wouldn’t be here without all of our testers and the amazing sewing community we’ve all worked so hard to build. So thank you for being part of our design group. Every review, critique bad or good makes me better and I appreciate the honesty tenfold!

 I loved to watch the enjoyment my mother got from sewing. I wanted to learn and share that experience with her. She drew some lines on some paper and guided me on how to push the sewing machine petal and steer the paper without catching my finger. I was hooked from that day forward. We took many sewing workshops and built one heck of a fabric stash together. She nurtured my designing by letting me design my special occasion dresses starting in middle school and making them become reality. Oh how awesome that felt to be wearing something I designed & she made. I pursued further designing knowledge by taking Fashion Design classes after a few years off to have and raise my first born I was determined to finish my degree. I proudly received a Bachelors in Fashion Design with a Minor in Fashion Merchandising. I still sew on my mother’s Bernina, use many of her supplies and thank her for the patience to teach and nurture me to do something that I enjoy so much.

I learned to sew in order to make a quilt out of her daughters’ outgrown baby clothes and quickly became hooked. I began designing to use up what fabric I had on hand and, while I enjoys following patterns as well, I prefer bringing my own imaginations to life in fabric. I’ve won awards at quilt shows, been featured as a speaker at shows, and been featured at 52 quilters.

Designing is my true passion!  I love being able to offer classic designs that stand the test of time and many times giving the customer a look they can’t find in traditional stores. It’s important to me that my patterns are of the highest quality, well tested and easy to understand for every person’s sewing level, meeting the needs of a vastly growing sewing community.  Each design release that presents a beginner with something new should provide them with the information they need to succeed and grow their skill set.

Grown up as the middle child of ten kids, Sarah very quickly learned that if she wanted one on one time with her mother, helping out with the sewing was the best way. Not only did she learn amazing sewing techniques but it also opened up the world of design to her. Sarah went on to fashion design school in Chicago and earned a bachelors of art, BA, with a focus on special occasion and costuming. but decided to put off work to raise a family. Sarah is very thankful to now be able to work for such a wonderful community of women who help lift and inspire others to be the best versions of themselves.

When I was a little girl, my mother used to sew matching dresses for my sister and I. I can remember being mesmerized by how she could take a simple piece of fabric and turn it into something so beautiful. Today, I have the honor of sewing for my own kids. I love patterns for little ones that mix timeless with modern, practical with fashionable. My hope is to create patterns that families will love and pass down, just as I’ve treasured the clothing made for my by my mother.