An important note from the owner April 2019:

Social media is daily riddled with opportunities.  Opportunities to laugh, cry, get angry, and be educated. It’s often spoke of that it can be a dangerous place for our youth where predators abound.  We also need to see and face the fact that social media can also be a dangerous place for countless of marginalized communities. “I didn’t know” doesn’t cut it anymore in today’s society where information and education on every subject are vast and accessible by anyone!  We, Eunoia, take responsibility for our little corner of the social media world; without question. Eunoia; a safe place for all marginalized communities. After taking over ownership last September I have been working on our new brand identity and that’s a lot to consider. Accountability and education in business start at the top so I’ve been asking a lot of questions and as I continue to educate myself about this vast beautiful sewing community at large I am putting things into practice.  So again, starting at the top, Eunoia Design Group is a group of contracted designers and the new Eunoia Designer contract contains a non-discrimination policy that includes all marginalized communities. 

“Eunoia Design Group does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, age, height, weight, physical or mental ability, veteran status, military obligations, or marital status.”

We also changed our pattern categories, after consulting with members of different communities, to include phraseology such as non-gendered, traditionally boys and traditionally girls.  We’ve reviewed, and at times changed things, like product descriptions so that our wording is free of words that get thrown about without consideration of their past, their usage and their effects on those around us. 

As a new company, our reach is not as diverse as we would ultimately like it to be, however, daily we make an effort to continue to expand our inclusivity of all people.  In the year we’ve been in existence our cover photos and testers have included such wonderful models as those with sensory processing disorders, autism, Down Syndrome, deafblind, cerebral palsy, people of color, and testers from 8 countries.

There is no place for any behavior within the Eunoia groups that devalues and disrespects any community for any reason.  Eunoia means beautiful thinking and we believe that inclusion is not just simply beautiful thinking but an inalienable right. We built this community for everyone to be inspired and to share their own Eunoia.   

Shannon Krieger, Owner


Eunoia Design Group