Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are there layers? *All of Eunoia Design Group patterns feature layers for the individual sizes.  Never printed with layers?  Check out our blog post HERE for a quick tutorial on how to find and choose the layer you need for printing.
  2. Are there different rises for front and back? *Yes!  We are all about comfort and you will find our patterns have both a front and back rise.
  3. Are there different level patterns? *Yes, our patterns will clearly indicate what sewing level our staff and our testers feel that the pattern qualifies as.
  4. Can I sell what I make? Eunoia Design Group allows garments, made from our patterns, to be sold.  We are excited and honored you chose us! 
  5. Do I have to note where the pattern came from?  It’s not required but we always appreciate when our customers share with others what pattern they used and where they purchased it.
  6. Can I use your listing pictures to sell my items?  You must speak with Shannon on a case by case basis prior to using any of our listings photos in your business listings.  Email
  7. Is there AO printing? Yes, each of Eunoia Design Group’s patterns come with a separate AO file available for download upon purchase. **There are a few minor exceptions and will be noted in the pattern.
  8. Do your patterns have measurements for cutting out squares and rectangles or just pattern pieces?  We fully understand that some customers love their rectangles some love their cut charts  and because we love you we have both!  For those of you who want only a cut chart, don’t worry, you won’t have to print the rectangles, simply find our handy “Print Saver” guide in each pattern for the specific pages you will need to print.
  9. What is your standard seam allowance?  Eunoia Design group uses a standard seam allowance of 3/8″ and  should any other seam allowance be used on a pattern it will be clearly stated in the instructions.
  10. Can I see your size chart prior to purchasing a pattern?  Each Eunoia Design Group listing will provide the size chart and in addition to that you can find all of the size charts HERE
  11. If a pattern is updated after release will I get it via email or do I need to download it somewhere and where?  We will notify our customers if any pattern is updated and they will be available for download in the customers account.
  12. Can I Sign In and Access “my purchased patterns” on your site at any time or does the download expire, you only have space to hold so many etc?  Our pattern purchases never expire and can be downloaded multiple times.  You will find every pattern stored in your account when you log into our website.
  13. How do/should I save my patterns once purchased?  Even though your patterns will be saved in your account on our website we highly suggest you download them to your own PC also.