Better Together Mask

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This is a digital PDF pattern and not a finished product.  This pattern is immediately downloadable upon purchase.

12 reviews for Better Together Mask

  1. Jo Jones

    I’m a retired MD. I’ve looked at a LOT of patterns to make and yours is the winner. The option of making N95 mask covers may be lifesaving. Bless you. I have a nice video if you want it.

  2. Diane Cleary

    Thank you

  3. samantha.onderko

    We really are BETTER TOGETHER!!!! <3 LOTS OF LOVE to everyone sewing in this effort to help our medical teams across the country!

  4. Kathleen Brown

    Thank you!

  5. Jody

    Thank you! This pattern looks great! How do we order it?

    • samantha.onderko

      add to cart and check out.

  6. Stacy Crawford

    I need a pattern where you can insert a filter in the mask

    • samantha.onderko

      You can alter this one to have one. But I cant recommend it. There is no way to change the filter without cross contaminating. Mask should be changed after each patient or hourly and not worn all day.

  7. Dana Shaw

    So excited for this pattern

  8. Debbie

    I’ve heard so much about your patterns and seeing from my sister. She had sent me an invite to your group.

  9. Jane spengler

    No where do I see how much material need to purchase

    • samantha.onderko

      It’s hard to say. We do not know if you’re making 1 or 100. You can get about 8 medium mask from 1 yard.

  10. Kathy

    Thank you for the free mask pattern. We have made hundreds during this time!

  11. Barbara Grimm

    I am so frustrated, I can’t get this to print.

    • admin

      I’m sorry you’re having problems. Are you using Adobe Acrobat?

  12. Bre

    WHY are you requesting so much information when an email would suffice in sending a digital pattern.

    • admin

      Thanks for the feedback. We’ve been planning an upgrade to our website to make changes; ones that include changes to check out. That upgrade went into effect today.

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