Fintastic Shark Lounge & Pillow (L2)

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Fintastic Shark lounge and pillow will be the talk of your bedroom! The small and medium are perfect bed buddies to lounge on. They are also great for storing your favorite books and reading light. The big shark is the coziest place to be. Make it with a slip bottom and crawl inside the shark’s belly for a cozy reading spot or our personal favorite summer past time, watching shark week!

This comprehensive ebook pattern has 3 sizes and 2 bottom options.

Sizes include:

  • Small- 3 feet long
  • Medium- 4.5 feet long
  • Large- 6 feet long

Pocket options:

  • Pouch Pocket
  • Slip Pocket

Reading Level: 4th – 6th grade

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The two safety risks of a bean bag for kids involve babies and small children. Children like to open the linings and play with or attempt to eat the beads. These actions could lead to choking on them or accidentally inhaling them. Inhaling bean bag filling could block airways. We advise to completely sew your shark lounge up to prevent accidents. Always frequently inspect your shark lounge for any holes or straining at the seams.


Hi Fintastic Friends!!! We’ve been getting a lot of messages about modifications to the large shark. Many of you want to know if the large shark could be used as toy storage or if a lining could be created so the shark could be washed.
In essence yes, however there are some very important reasons why we chose not to do so. These mods are fairly easy to “Hack” however they come with significant risk if child is left unattended. We at Eunoia do not suggest the hacks and didn’t want to create them, or blog them, because of these risks.
We know as parents when bad things happen, they happen quick; that moment we turn our backs for even a second. With a toy storage modification our biggest concern is small children crawling inside, retrieving toys and overheating and suffocating. If you choose to use bean bag filler it poses a suffocation hazard. Small children could chew on them and if they are inhaled, they can block airways. Should you choose to create any form of a hack please be aware and cautious of any potential hazards.

1 review for Fintastic Shark Lounge & Pillow (L2)

  1. Krys Filar-Migchelsen

    a friend asked me to make this for her son and it turned out so cute. Easy instructions, great idea to have YouTube videos to help visualize the steps.

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